NATURAL PRODUCTS - SPAUSA believes that purity is important. 

As such, in the development of our products we endeavor to use ingredients as natural, pure, powerful and effective as possible.
All precious plant extracts, repairing essential oils and deeply nutritive marine elements are ethically extracted. Similarly, all raw materials come from sustainable sources.

TESTS ON ANIMALS - SPAUSA is against animal testing.
Our products are not tested on animals, nor have they ever been. Additionally the raw materials and packaging that we use do not contribute to the devastation and imbalance of any habitat or ecosystem.

PACKAGING - SPAUSA packaging products are recyclable.
Our product containers are, when feasible, manufactured with recyclable glass. Our plastic packaging can also be recycled, resulting in lower grade plastics. All orders are shipped using biodegradable cardboard and chips, which significantly reduce bubble wrap use.



Your Dermocosmetic Spa Brand.
Proven results in skincare, a combination of innovative ingredients with appealing aromas, textures and feelings, for a true in home Spa.


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