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SPAUSA Rejuvenating Collection offers the most comprehensive skin care for your face by combining the best anti-age technology with intense, innovative and nutritious ingredients, bringing back youth, firmness and brightness to your skin.

The result is carefully designed products that provide a superior performance and excellent results in the treatment of dark spot, skin imperfections, wrinkles, creases and expression lines on face, neck and décolleté, effectively reducing the effects of aging on your skin.

Its composition contains advanced formulas, which include unique active ingredients as Snap-8®, an alternative mechanism with maximal efficacy on the wrinkle reduction process, Eyeseryl®, with an effective double action in the treatment of dark circles, puffiness and eye bags and Retinol (Pro- Vitamin A), known for its anti-aging properties and prevention of skin UV damage.

Also note, the HentoWhite + Lipomoist + Argan Oil complex, which associates the depigmentation capacity, lightly exfoliating, with a antioxidant, moisturizing and regenerating action.



Your Dermocosmetic Spa Brand.
Proven results in skincare, a combination of innovative ingredients with appealing aromas, textures and feelings, for a true in home Spa.


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