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Sublime Gold Day Cream name

Sublime Gold Facial Cream name

Sublime Gold Facial Mask name

Sublime Gold Body Cream name

SPAUSA Anti-Age Collection offers a luxurious and exquisite face and body care, providing a luminous glow and a soft, silky skin texture.

Specially designed with a unique combination of precious ingredients, it promotes a deep skin regeneration and hydration, stimulating and restoring collagen levels.

Its enriched formulas lessen the impact of the aging process and help to visible reduce wrinkles and skin flaccidity, through the action of exceptional actives such as Gold, a mineral with recognized healing and regenerating properties, Trylagen®, which acts to maintain the quantity and quality of skin collagen and Retinol (Pro-Vitamin A), effective in preventing UV radiation damage and fighting free radicals.



Your Dermocosmetic Spa Brand.
Proven results in skincare, a combination of innovative ingredients with appealing aromas, textures and feelings, for a true in home Spa.


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